2016 Fall Season

Hustlers will begin the 2016 Fall Season with a few new additions to our squad.  We welcome Andrew Permaul, Ravi Singh, Alastair Khan and Nick Saladeen.  Ravi and Alastair are veteran Hustlers players returning home, while Andrew and Nick are new to the squad.  We cannot count the number of years we have been pursuing Andrew to join our team, when the opportunity arrived and he agreed – we are beyond elated.  Nick Saladeen has played with skipper Anil and other members from their hardball days and has become part of the family…

Here is our squad of league registered players listed alphabetically:

  1. Alastair Khan
  2. Andrew Permaul
  3. Anil Bhawani
  4. Boothe Rhaines
  5. Darren Dass
  6. David Brijbasu
  7. Denah Persaud
  8. Josh Sukhu
  9. Keshan Budhna
  10. Nazim Amin
  11. Nick Saladeen
  12. Rasheed Bacchus
  13. Ravi Singh
  14. Ravin Ramnarine
  15. Romel Budhna
  16. Smally Deodat
  17. Steven Taylor
  18. Trevor Persaud
  19. Vijay Narine
  20. Vishnu Narine